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The cover of <i>Bard City Blues</i>
Bard City Blues

"Heart, soul, and a touch of mystery—plus a gelatinous cube that washes dishes. What's not to like?" - S. L. Rowland, author of Cursed Cocktails

Gally Chaparral is a highland girl with a dream: move to Lackmore, join the Bardic Guild, and get a gig at a fancy tavern. She never planned on washing dishes in a dungeon... or falling in love.

The cover of "Frozen Hearts"
"Frozen Hearts"

Ravvie is an adventurer, searching the snowy north for dragon eggs. After breaking her leg, all she wants is to heal up and head south. But how can she stand the bitter cold when her stolid barbarian healer doesn't even speak her language? Included in Wyngraf's 2024 Cozy Fantasy Romance Special.

Cozy Fantasy Romance Mystery Music
Bard City Blues
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October 15, 2023 Wyngraf

Gally Chaparral is a highland girl with a dream: move to Lackmore, join the Bardic Guild, and get a gig at a fancy tavern on Symphony Hill.

Unfortunately, becoming a bard isn't so easy. No good tavern will hire a student, her teacher is a jerk, and the only job she can find is washing dishes at a bar that seems to have recently been a dungeon.

When Gally auditions as her tavern's new bard, things start looking up. But her first show is ruined when the owner accuses Alix, a beautiful but obnoxious postal rider, of destroying a valuable painting.

Now, to keep the gig, Gally must prove Alix's innocence. But there's more to the mystery than the loss of a painting, and being forced to work with Alix has Gally wondering if this brassy delivery girl is really as bad as she seems.

A Conventional Murder
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September 20, 2021 Wyngraf

Art teacher, single mom, and geek girl Kit Morrison hasn't been to her hometown sci-fi con in a decade. All she wants is to sell some art and catch up with old friends. But when a legendary fantasy author is murdered, Kit's detective brother makes her his nerd sherpa.

Kit's happy to guide him through the weird world of con life—until he makes her favorite student his prime suspect. And then there are the threatening notes that keep appearing in her hotel room...

Kit will confront crazy fans, navigate major drama, wait for the elevator, learn about industrial laundry machines, and try her best to get a croissant—and with luck, prove her student's innocence before the convention ends!

Urban Fantasy
Arcadia Mon Amour (Veil of Worlds 2)
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April 27, 2021 Vulpine Press

Emily Sledge finally has her dream job: guarding the rips in the Veil as part of the globetrotting Sabre & Torch Society. Even if her mentor keeps embarrassing her by saving her skin.

But war is looming back home, and Emily's latest mission takes a complex turn when she traces her monstrous prey to an enchanted painting.

Determined to prove she can stand solo, Emily guides her friends through the painting into Arcadia, a realm of magic suffering under the rule of the tyrannical King Zero.

But the cruel rules of Zero's world come as a shock, and Emily realizes that if she wants to survive, she can't solve every problem on her own... not when the citizens of Arcadia all have their secrets and magic always comes with a price.

Urban Fantasy
The Days of Guns and Roses (Veil of Worlds 1)
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September 6, 2019 Vulpine Press

Gifted Emily Sledge has just graduated at the top of her class from the secretive and dangerous Harkness Academy. There's only one problem: she doesn't have a job lined up.

Never one to give up, Emily ditches a promising interview to chase a mysterious message in a bottle. But instead of landing her the perfect job, the clue leads her to a forgotten castle where a band of young romantics prepare to make their final stand against an unknown enemy from beyond the Veil.

Isolated and in danger, Emily must choose between her career and the strangers who need her help. But all is not as it seems in the Castle Forlorn, and Emily has to grow up fast if she wants to survive threats that she can’t just hit with a hammer... all while the clock ticks down to the final invasion.

Expedition: Summerlands
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August 9, 2019 Level Up Publishing

No hit points. No levels. Just us.

Hollywood Economic Cooperation Zone, 2063. Merchandise Technician Emma Burke spends her days practicing magic out of view of her employer's security cameras. Emma's adventuring party has nearly earned entry to the Summerlands, a realm of clean air and blue skies where the magic and monsters are real and adventurers gamble their lives in pursuit of gold and glory... all streamed in real time to a worldwide audience of billions.

But when tragedy derails her plans, Emma must leave everything behind to flee into the Summerlands. Desperate to win the money she needs to make things right, Emma drives herself and her party towards ever greater dangers, only to find that the troubles of her old world have ways of reaching into her new one.

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The cover of "Roll the Bones"
"Roll the Bones"

Artist/single mom/amateur sleuth Kit Morrison is earnest, nerdy, and a bit scatterbrained, but when the "weird kids" at her school need her, she's there for them. In this story, Kit confronts major drama and a bizarre theft at her school's D&D club! Starring the heroine of my geeky (though non-fantasy) cozy mystery novel A Conventional Murder.

The cover of <i>Three from the Reeve</i>
Three from the Reeve

Winner of a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future!

Old Humblefoot lived quite an adventuresome life before his retirement. Now, when things go wrong in the quiet halfling community of the Reeve, folk knock on his door. Read Old Humblefoot's three earliest adventures, as recounted by his great-nephew Wilford, a watchmaker and father of seven.