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The cover of <i>Bard City Blues</i>
Bard City Blues

"Heart, soul, and a touch of mystery—plus a gelatinous cube that washes dishes. What's not to like?" - S. L. Rowland, author of Cursed Cocktails

Gally Chaparral is a highland girl with a dream: move to Lackmore, join the Bardic Guild, and get a gig at a fancy tavern. She never planned on washing dishes in a dungeon... or falling in love.

The cover of "Frozen Hearts"
"Frozen Hearts"

Ravvie is an adventurer, searching the snowy north for dragon eggs. After breaking her leg, all she wants is to heal up and head south. But how can she stand the bitter cold when her stolid barbarian healer doesn't even speak her language? Included in Wyngraf's 2024 Cozy Fantasy Romance Special.

Nathaniel Webb is an author and musician best known as the founder Wyngraf, a publishing house dedicated to cozy fantasy. His novels include the cozy fantasy Bard City Blues, the geeky mystery A Conventional Murder, and the GameLit adventure Expedition: Summerlands. His music biography Marillion in the 1980s was a bestseller for Sonicbond Publishing, and he has sold numerous short stories in genres ranging from steampunk to sword & sorcery.

As a lead guitarist, Nathaniel toured and recorded with musicians like Grammy-nominated singers Jana Mashonee and Beth Hart and Colombian pop star Marre. His band Talking to Walls toured up and down the east coast and their 2010 release We Were Not So Tall reached CMJ's Most Added chart.

A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Wesleyan University, and currently a student at Northeastern University, Nathaniel lives In Portland, Maine with his wife and son under a massive pile of cats.

You can find him on Instagram at @nat20writes, TikTok at @wyngraf, and Bluesky at

Please reach out to nathaniel (at) wyngraf (dot) com with any inquiries, or use the mailing list signup options to the right.

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The cover of "Roll the Bones"
"Roll the Bones"

Artist/single mom/amateur sleuth Kit Morrison is earnest, nerdy, and a bit scatterbrained, but when the "weird kids" at her school need her, she's there for them. In this story, Kit confronts major drama and a bizarre theft at her school's D&D club! Starring the heroine of my geeky (though non-fantasy) cozy mystery novel A Conventional Murder.

The cover of <i>Three from the Reeve</i>
Three from the Reeve

Winner of a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future!

Old Humblefoot lived quite an adventuresome life before his retirement. Now, when things go wrong in the quiet halfling community of the Reeve, folk knock on his door. Read Old Humblefoot's three earliest adventures, as recounted by his great-nephew Wilford, a watchmaker and father of seven.